For an upcoming project next year, I have been looking for personalized roadbike jerseys in small quantities over the last few weeks. So far, so good, because: this is a topic that seems to occupy a fair amount of cyclists, but the Google results are really thin. After a lot of internet research, I created a comprehensive list of manufacturers, costs, production conditions, minimum quantities and design costs with the online support of the really great ladies roadcycling group Pedalistas.

In short: I was looking for aero-jerseys for ladies, because I personally am not a fan of the “Tanline-Dip-Dye” on my upper arm and don’t want to buy dresses with shorter sleeves anymore. That’s just personal taste and yes, not every cyclist want that, but thats why some manufacturers don’t even appear in this list.

Often the minimum quantities are 5 or 10 pieces. I include these manufacturers in the ranking, but I will not provide any detailed information, as my day has only 24 hours.


All information, which I summarize here are without guarantee and in week 47 2019 online determined by me. If you call up the blog at a later date, it may of course be that purchase quantity, price or production conditions have changed. I updated the blow now in October 2020 to help anyone deciding for the 2021 season. Please let me know via mail or comment, then I will date the blogpost accordingly.

For those brands whose quality has been confirmed by other cyclists, this is also stated. If there is no conclusion for a brand, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the quality doesn’t fit, but only that I don’t have any information about it.

Samples to find out about processing and fit are available from all manufacturers. If one of them does not offer it, it will be listed separately.


Custom Aero Jersey from 170€ per piece
One-off design costs: 150€
Sewn in Germany

That’s what the cyclists say: Lisa Brunnbauer recently had her own jerseys produced there and has written a short summary for you: “Biehler has several lines, I bought the jerseys of the High End line. You get from me of the quality 9 of 10 points (Neck doesn’t dry so fast therefore point deduction)
A total of 9 out of 10 points
Criticism: in small sizes the two side pockets (of 3) are very narrow -> wind vest etc. has almost no room. Larger rain jackets not at all. Besides, they are quite expensive.
Matter of taste: no collar with Highend Line

The “middle class” line below gets 8 out of 10 points from me:
Processing is great, but the quality is a few deductions. (Breathing, drying not quite so good)


Custom Aero Jersey in the highest quality level from 165€ per piece
One-off design cost for jersey: 140€
No information on production conditions
Many customization options for fit and add-ons

That’s what the cyclists say: I (Nora) bought a Cuore winter jersey myself from my club and am very satisfied with the quality. The fit could be better in my specific case (sleeves too wide), but it’s a men’s jersey without adjustments, so it’s not very significant.


Custom Aero jersey from 102€, in professional quality from 160€
No one-time design costs, online configurator
Production facilities in China, Thailand and Hong Kong, fabrics from Italy, Europe and China
The prices on the website are indicated for 10 pcs., for at least 5 pcs. there is a 50% surcharge, for less than 5 pcs. there is a 100% surcharge. The above mentioned prices already refer to custom-made products!

This is what the riders say: “Champion System has very high quality jerseys with various aero finishes”.


DECCA is a Belgian manufacturer that has been producing high-end cycling kits, triathlon and running gear for half a century since 1970.They have predominantly business towards clubs, teams and companies with custom wear, but they also offer a full retail range through their webshop.

Normally, their minimum order quantity is 5 pieces but they also offer if there is a request for a one piece unique experience the unit price is 150€ without set-up or project fee (150€), lead-time here is 4 weeks. Production for this is still in BELGIUM in heart of the Flemish Ardennes! This PRO high-end aero jersey holds 3 different fabrics and silicon hip band with ergonomic pockets.


Merino Jersey with 9cm long, personalized writing on chest and back: 143€
No additional costs
Produced in Slovakia, here you can take a look behind the scenes, has own collections made of recycled material, very transparent

That’s what the riders say: I’m an Isadore Ambassador myself because I’m convinced of the quality of the equipment. However, the possibilities of personalisation here are really very low and more like a nice gimmick for a present to someone, less of a custom trikot to show off your sponsors etc.


Custom Aero jersey from 85,50€
One-time costs: 55€
Produced in Germany

Maro Italia

Generally 10 pieces with the first order, but for individual athletes they customize from 1 piece
1 personalised kit (jersey and bib) costs from 280€ in single production
For cycle clubs, cycle shops, organisers and companies the cliché costs are to be paid extra and the article prices are graduated
Made in Italy
fabrics are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and fabric suppliers are from Italy
Contact person in Vienna! Schrutkagasse 6, 1130 Vienna, for selecting sizes and designing the dresses together

This is what the riders say: They are all very satisfied and Roberto Marcuzzo is a top partner who makes almost every wish come true.


“Normal” jersey from 85€
No additional costs for designs using the configurator
Produced in Germany, since 2001 only with green electricity, one of the few manufacturers to communicate transparently about environmental protection and sustainability.

That’s what the riders say: “We’ve had very good experiences with Owayo. Great quality!”
“Although Owayo has no aero arm cuffs, I can only report positive things about the quality of the material, the sewing and the fit! Also positive here is the Online-Creator and the really very good design support! Absolute recommendation from me”.

Update from myself, October 2020: You can buy the Race Around Austria Finisher Jersey from Owayo. I got the C3 one and I can really not recommend this brand! The fit is ridiculous (I tried on a lot of Male and Female sizes and they either had too loose arms or where too long), the arm cuffs are way too short and they have just two pockets. Also, the material doesn’t breath or dries at all. Thats okay when you go out in lower temperatures like 15 degree celsius, but really bad for a short arm jersey mostly used in summer! I wouldn’t buy from there again.


Normally produces from 4 pieces, but can also realise individual productions
Aero/Race jersey is available from 120€ (1 pc) and can cost up to 139€ (depending on the design, extras such as zipper pockets, reflectors etc.)
Price scales: 1-3 / 4-9 / 10-30 / 31-99 / +100
One-off costs for design: will be charged according to time and effort, if you use the online configurator these costs will be omitted

Produced in Slovakia, fabrics and trouser inserts are mainly from Italy. Company is located in Vienna, office in the 1st district

Delivery times 6-8 weeks, express delivery in 2-3 weeks with 30% surcharge


Possibility to produce just 1 trikot, No information about prices



5 pieces Prof Body Fit jersey cost 49,08€ per piece (price found via Google at CyclingClaude)
One-time costs: 150€

That’s what the riders say: Bioracer is generally speaking one of the most recommended brands in all roadbike groups. If the custom trikots even come close to this quality, I don’t think you can complain. Claude has also calculated that, for 5 kits you pay a total of 400€.


The website (Advantages vs. FAQ) unfortunately lists different minimum order quantities (5 vs. 10).
No price information for jerseys
One-off design costs: 60€
Completely manufactured in the EU


As said above, DECCA is long established belgian sportswear manufacturer providing Kits to Pro Teams and newly even to Puck Moonen, but also offer custom kits for regular cycling clubs.

The minimum order quantity is 5 units where the price for the PRO jersey is 48€ (ex vat) and a PRO bib short 69€ (ex vat) with a one time project fee including a 3D mock-up design is 150€. So for 5 PRO jerseys and 5 PRO bib shorts the price is 735€ (ex vat).

Lead-time is 6 weeks after approval design.

If there is a request for a one piece unique experience the unit price is 150eur without set-up or project fee, lead-time here is 4 weeks. Production for this is still in BELGIUM in heart of the Flemish Ardennes. This PRO high-end aero jersey holds 3 different fabrics and silicon hip band with ergonomic pockets.


Ladies Flyweight Jersey from 130€
No one-time costs
“The products are manufactured by a specialist manufacturer with whom Rapha cooperates.”

That’s what the riders say: Personally, I love to ride in Rapha because the Bibs have a very good padding and the jerseys breathe well.

Minimum 10 pieces:






MOQ 15 pieces per design
Jersey with PRO Cut (Aero sleeves and material) start at 58$ , bulk prices for bigger orders



Philipp from viennese Trikoterie produces custom designs starting from 10 pieces.

Higher minimum purchase:


starting from 20 pieces


starting from 30 pieces


2.400 € minimum purchase at first order, there are specific promotions with lower minimum purchase tho

No (easy accessible) informations about minimum purchase or price:











Do you have any experiences with one of these companies? Which one would you choose?