I finally got my hands (or rather my feet) on the new Garmin Rally Gravel pedals! As an avid gravel rider, I was looking for a reliable dual-sided wattage measurement system to track and manage my workouts off the pavement. After changing gravel bikes and wheelsets crank or spider-based wattage measurement was not optimal for me, I was directly fire and flame when I heard of the Garmin novelty last year. Now I have the pedals just under half a year put through its paces:

What struck me first was the sturdy yet lightweight design of the pedals. They fit seamlessly into my gravel bike and give me confidence that they would withstand even the harshest off-road conditions. At first, in fact, I definitely had a bit of a bellyache about running the wattage measurement through such an exposed part as the pedals. In practice, however, the concern has dissolved: if I touch something like rocks with the pedal, it always affects the metal, lower part of the pedal, in which you also clip in.

But what about the performance in terms of measured values? The clever dual-sensing system precisely records the power on both sides, which gives me an accurate picture of my pedaling motion. I find this helpful, as a slightly damaged knee means my pedaling is occasionally a bit uneven. I also find the insights in the CyclingDynamics – especially on very long tours – exciting. Up to what point was I able to maintain the performance well? At what point did I get out of the saddle more often to relieve my butt for a while? Of course I can’t say anything about the accuracy of the measurement, the Rally Pedals are my first off-road power meter. However, my feeling in the respective training zones from the road area is the same with the Gravel pedals – and they are much more reliable than my attempt with one-sided, crank-based self-experiment some time ago.

In summary, I can say that the Garmin Rally RS200 Gravel pedals are an absolute must-have for gravel and MTB enthusiasts who want to measure and improve their performance. Those who “only” ride around for fun, in my opinion, do not need a wattage measurement, unless they want to show off a bit at the Groupride. However, with their rugged design, convenient watt measurement, and seamless integration with the Garmin ecosystem, they have given me a whole new riding experience. Whether I’m on dirt roads or on the trail, the Rally Gravel pedals have become my trusted companion!

Pictures on this blog are made by Daniel Willinger

Transparency: the pedals were provided to me free of charge.