My last attempts to summarize the last weeks and my current preparation for the Race Around Austria on Instagram didnt go quite well. I deleted any of the tries to make descent IGTV Video. But I actually have a lot to say! And that’s why there is this update via text for you today.


The good news is, I feel like I’m about to pull out trees. On the bike. It’s a shame that we can’t do performance diagnostics at the moment, because Stephan Werner has to keep his institute closed according to CoVid19 regulations. Nevertheless, we had (virtual) contact in the RdR Podcast (only in German) last week.

With whom I chat weekly is my trainer Andy from He sets up my training plans and we just finished the first 3 month block, a VO2Max Build Up. Even a little bit more than 3 months, because I had to take a break due to a cold. How am I doing with Andy? Very good, the conversations are always uncomplicated, based on my performance data he usually knows in advance what I will report about the week. So the monday call for information about the planned training is always a motivational boost. In the course of the week, however, it turns out again and again that this year I’m finding it harder to stick to my plan. On one hand, there are currently weeks where I somehow just don’t feel like getting on the trainer, probably because of being at home so much. Then again there are units where I just completely overdo it. An ex-professional once told me that the secret to success is to go hard when you are supposed to do and to take it easy when it’s appropriate. Knowing and doing are unfortunately still two different things with me. But I constantly see training successes nevertheless!


…a lot of races are being canceled or postponed at the moment, not for me, instead of the performance diagnostics there will be a virtual race of the Austrian eCycling League this Saturday. Although I’m currently without a Bike Card (I wanted to get it back before the first VICC Race Day), anyone who had a license or a Bike Card in the last 2 years can participate. More information is available at ÖRV!

My season on the road starts end of july at the Ultra Rad Challenge in Kaindorf. With two other girls in the team I will ride there for the #3FastestFriends ranking. But there is even more to win at this race! More about that soon.

3 weeks later my highlight of the season, the Race Around Austria Challenge, will take place. I don’t think that any reader doesn’t know what I’m going to do there, but just to be on the safe side I’ll link my video to it again:

I can’t reveal too much about the next race yet, but already 2 weeks after the RAA I want to start at a German Jedermann race. I am more interested in having a good time with Mary tho than in winning something there.

As a special highlight, the beautiful time trial King of the Lake is waiting for me again at the end of the season. Last year, I missed a podium finish in the road bike classification by almost 3:30 min. It would really be a dream come true to get there this year, and theoretically it should be possible with the much more structured training this year and the better track knowledge.

Whether I can defend my title at the VICC Race Days will depend a little on the dates the races are postponed to and what my training plan says. I had great fun last year on the Donauinsel and would love to repeat that.

Training & Corona

After a long silence there was a post on Strava on Sunday. My thoughts:

  • Now, it looks as if our health system in Austria can withstand the corona situation. The rules of the last few weeks are bearing fruit and so the risk of falling is almost non-existent with my cautious riding style in training. However, this was not so certain 2 weeks ago. But the situation has changed until today.
  • Anyway, I am always on the road alone or with my boyfriend, with whom I also live and work in the same apartment. When we see policemen, they ignore us or we greet each other. When choosing routes, we try hard to avoid those routes where many families are currently passing time.
  • Like every winter, my skin is going a little crazy, I need the sunlight to avoid having to rely on cortisone or immunosuppressive therapy again.

Disclaimer: these points are only relevant in Austria

I suppose that this blog will be read by more people interested in road bikes anyway and the call here is a bit out of place, but: Please, if you just now discover that you can’t just hang out in clubs or in front of the TV on the weekend, but you can also ride the e-scooter, discover longboarding or try shaky experiments on your bike, please at least put on a helmet. And yes, I know it’s nice to be outdoors, but that’s no reason to switch off your brain completely. I can’t think of any other word than “goofy” for what you have to observe at the moment.

PS: I am also surprised how many road bike WGs there seem to be…

PPS: I am not surprised that a lot of car drivers still don’t know what giving at least 1m of space means. The streets are way more empty at the moment but it seems like some want to “push you off the road”.

Training 2

You want to use the time to get fitter on the road bike together with others – and all this completely “Corona-compliant”? Then take a look at the Alpecin Cycling Challenge!


Honestly, I’m really glad that I can continue to do my job normally, even from home. At the Factory I have been responsible for digital strategies, social media marketing and advertising as well as content for SMEs and corporations for almost 2.5 years. This also works well in the home office: on LinkedIn I have summarized my thoughts on this in german. How companies should adapt their marketing to the current situation, I wrote here (also just in german). Especially for the self-employed, I’m sure you’ll find some tips here. And: our film production continues during the Corona crisis – naturally adapted to the current requirements.

My personalized kit for the coming season from Decca Sportswear has already arrived. And I love it:

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Recharging Vit. D3 in style ✌🏻

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Here you can find my list with all suppliers of personalized roadbike jerseys, graded by minimum order quantity, quality and price.


My crowdfunding via the Toyota Crowd has worked great and all the goodies and thank you’s have already been sent. Once again I would like to thank everyone who supported me!

A part of my sponsorship money, which has gone beyond the original goal, I have invested in the crowdfunding of STAR BIKE. My training camp in Italy fell “into the water” anyway and they had to close their store because of the Corona crisis.