I can promise you it’s not getting quieter here in 2020: next season, I will start at the Race Around Austria Challenge! You can easily activate the english subtitles I made for this video to understand everything I’m saying.

Video Content:

00:00 – 00:35 Introduction

00:35 – 1:38 Roadbike ride around Attersee & Mondsee

1:38 – 2:08 Arrival of the Winner of Race Around Austria Extreme 2019 Rainer Steinberger

2:08 – 2:40 Impressions Race Around Austria 2019

2:40 – 3:37 Ride through the party tent with Tobias Drunkemöller

3:37 – 4:14 More Impressions Race Around Austria 2019

4:14 – 4:30 Hangover ride with Martin and Olli

4:30 – 6:12 What is RAA? What is the Challenge? Why did I pick this objective? How do I start the preparations?

6:12 – 8:39 Call for Sponsors: Why do I need sponsors? Who can join? What can I give the sponsors?

8:39 – 9:36 Infos about the different courses: Challenge Supported or Unsupported, 1500 and Extreme

9:36 What my next video will be about

If you have any feedback about the video or any questions about RAA, feel free to comment!